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I'm not going to bore you with my credentials, except to say, "Yes, I'm a Certified Professional Coach." Just look at the side bar and you'll see my titles and a few of my accomplishments. Instead, I want you to get to know the human side of me.

Professionally speaking...

In 1996 I found the "Getting by, doing what I thought was expected Rick," sitting in the board room of a hospitality industry software giant saying, "How did I get here and what do I do now?" I had landed a senior marketing management position, huge career leap, and was tasked with unifying a triple corporate merger into one cohesive brand. Lost deep in thought, I tuned out the Executive Coach who was leading the meeting, until I heard her say, "Instead of thinking what this company will be 'someday,' let's imagine that someday is today!" I felt a nudge deep within me, a catch in my breath, listened - but not near close enough - as a single thought crossed my mind - "I could do what she's doing...guiding people to make their some days, today." "Nice thought," I said to myself, "but don't be crazy. You just got here, let it go, be content." I did! Charging forward I built a dynamic worldwide marketing team. Garnered numerous feathers in my cap for my creativity. Gained industry respect as the "go to guy" who could "get 'er done," until they didn't need me to "get it done." Hello packing boxes, goodbye world travel, it's time for you to take this rather large check and leave. What were my options? Live my passion? Not yet! It wasn't quite time...other experiences were headed my way to help me prepare for living my powerful purpose.

Personally realizing...

In 1999, I came to the heartfelt realization that I was miserable. I wasn't exactly living "The Real House Husbands of Orange County." Yet, in many ways I was. World business travel was an adrenaline rush. One upping my home and car purchases, kept me competitive in the "friends spectrum," validating my existence while driving me into debt. Outwardly, no one suspected that the happy husband and doting father of two beautiful little girls, was unconsciously playing to meet other's expectations. I loved my wife, as best I could. Joy, deception, and conflict rocked the playground of fatherhood. Intoxicated by the elixir of "look what I have," I was unable to clearly identify any sense of the authentic me, let alone create any type of life strategies for moving forward. Until the light bulb went off. To be a better me, a better co-parent, and a better father, I had to release the relationship and start piloting my life, my way, without regrets. Of course I screwed up! To start, I made my "coming out" all about me in the wrong way and allowed ugly pieces of myself to take center stage..."screw everyone!" Shattered, broken, confused and hating the bain of my existence, I finally surrendered. Embracing divorce, single parenting, unemployment and dating I began to evolve. I lost 80 pounds, became an avid cyclist, and a Certified Spin Class Instructor and landed what would be my last job in corporate America. Yet still, my passion and powerful purpose continued to play hide and seek.

Passionately embarking...

Forty-three years old. 10 years to the date from the boardroom light bulb epiphany, I returned relaxed, tanned, and inspired by a blissful vacation on Cape Cod, to my senior marketing position at a breakout software developer. The company that just 3 short years prior had hired me as their third employee to help them rock the outdoor recreation industry with an ingenious, cutting-edge product. All smiles and ready to roll, that's exactly what I did. Rolled out of there, the first day back from vacation, with my pink slip in hand and a golden parachute...as well as the unstoppable determination that "I'm done. Finished being at the mercy of someone else's dreams. It's time to go make my someday...my today." Fired up, hopeful and scared to the core I launched my first business, only to find my joy factor still elusive. Clouded judgment, chasing the wrong money trails, and lacking inner confidence hurt and paid off, simultaneously. Through the brilliant work of my own coach, and allowing myself to go deeper into me, I created a harmonious balance between what I knew and what I wanted. Marketing and branding, met coaching head on. My business began to thrive and so did I, beyond what I ever thought possible. Today, I'm truly blessed to wake up knowing I each day I have the opportunity for helping others create their own "strategies for living significantly." Today, I am living my passion and purpose.

How about you? Are you ready to live your powerful, passionate purpose? Let's go!



Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
International Coach Federation (ICF)

Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
Institute of Professional Excellence In Coaching (iPEC)

Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)
Institute of Professional Excellence In Coaching (iPEC)

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Sex Coach U

Co-active Coaching Fundamentals
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Men’s Inner Journey
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Certified Social Media Strategist
Social Media Magic University

Certified Spin Instructior
LA Fitness

Certificate Digital Arts and Design
University of California Riverside

BS Nutrition and Hospitality Management
Oklahoma State University