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The guy to hang with when you're ready to create your best life!

All of us want more. More love, more money, more fun, more enjoyment, more peace!

All of us want less. Less stress, less worry, less frustrations, less confusion!

In fact, that's why I started working with a life coach. The skeptic in me soon vansihed as I watched my life immediately take a turn in the right direction. I had just gone through a divorce, been laid off from my globetrotting exectuive position, and was trying desperately to find my footing as an "out" gay man.

What I discovered, with the help of my Life Coach, was I had the answers, I had the power, and I stood at choice in every aspect of my life. It suddenly became fun to ask myself,

"Rick, what do you want and why do you want that in your life?"

Sounds kind of crazy that something that simple started opening the doors and helping me see that my destiny was to be a gay life coach, inspiring others to be if, and's, but's or regrets!

And, today...

I'm blessed. I partner with people to create the lives they desire, their way. I get to witness crappy relationships turn into rich, intimate, loving ones. I watch wallflowers step into the loving arms of confidence and self-worth. I challenge people to bring joy and happiness into their lives by unleashing their talents and gifts on the world. And at the end of each day, I fall into a peaceful slumber knowing I supported someone in turning their visions into realities. I'm living my passion and purpose on this earth as a fully-expressed gay man, father, partner, son, and human being who's on a mission to help others do the same, in their own way. Contact me if you'd like to start this journey as an individual, couple, family unit, or as a work team!



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